About the Other Day…

Yes, many Trump voters are racist. But now that he’s the president-elect, we need to change the way we’re talking about this – this illness that has gripped such a huge chunk of the Western population. It started a while ago in many European nations, with the rise of extreme right parties. And now that America […]

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There are people my age – people I’ve grown up with – that are already having their second kid. And here I am as time goes by, not getting any younger, wondering what I’ve done wrong and more importantly; what exactly I should do in order to find a husband. It feels like I’ve exhausted […]

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Remember “Flubber”? That 1997 movie with Robin Williams in the lead? Actually not the movie, but the material Flubber. I was imagining how my life would be if it was a physical object, and that thing came to mind. A flowy, rubbery thing that’s difficult to grasp and basically has no determined shape. There are […]

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Why I ACTUALLY Want to Get Married

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but when I started blogging on WordPress several years ago, I was a different person. I’ve changed throughout the years, sometimes even from one month to another. Sometimes I’ve regressed, but maybe, in shaa Allāh, the overall trend shows progress. The reason I’m mentioning this again […]

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I thought I had totally given up on this thing. I sure haven’t been in here for ages, not read anything on my feed either. I’ve even removed the WordPress bookmark from the bookmark bar on my browser. Actually it went as far as me thinking I’m returning to my handwritten diaries! I think I even […]

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Warning: Aunties Inside

I attended my friend’s brother’s wedding reception yesterday. It was a beautiful reception with good food and company. And then there were aunties… If you’re above 25, there are no more hints and suggestive laugh-it-offs; it’s straight on torture. Especially if you’re me, who by the courtesy of dear mother has acquired the reputation of […]

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