I’m a 27 year old Muslim, Bengali by ethnicity but born and bred in Sweden. I hoard books and have writer dreams.



34 thoughts on “About

            1. Hello,

              Thank you and thanks for following.

              No, I haven’t been to India yet. But I do plan on traveling there sometime – when I have the time and resources ^_^.


  1. Hello and welcome to a new home 🙂 Feels good, doesn’t it? Sort of know what you mean in your last post of the old site! Congrats and good luck…hopefully this time I’ll be back for a longer spell than last…but you never know with life 🙂 Hope you’re well (you sound it)!


    1. Thank you :P. Yes it does indeed! Sometimes you gotta try hard to make people understand what it is about you that they should notice and what they shouldn’t pay attention to at all :).

      Hahah… I honestly didn’t expect you to return, especially not with a BAM like that :P. But I’m glad you did; I need more entertaining blogs to read :D!


    1. Thank you for following as well. That’s how I came across your blog. I’ve got some photographers following me but I have to admit that I don’t follow specialized blogs (unless they have to do with writing). The reason I followed you is because you seem to mix both photography with some personal notes, and personal blogs I find more interesting than anything ^_^.


      1. Thanks 🙂 Though its a pain at times. Some days I have a good photo but can’t think of a writeup if my life depended on it. And then there are days when I have a great story but no pic to go with it!..


  2. please don’t be shy 😉
    Will i like your beautiful name NOORAH and i wanna analyze it for your from my views and notions
    A=acknowledgment for
    H=huge success….
    ………………………………………Nice blog dude………………………………….
    come on ,check out my blog too Don’t be shy yar!!!!!!!!


    1. Hello there!

      Thank you, Yasmeen. I will definitely check out your blog and thanks for visiting mine. Do follow if the content suits your likes!


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