Something recently happened in my life that I didn’t quite expect ever would – at least not in this manner. Actually, this something has been growing for quite some time… it’s just recently it manifested itself in a shocking manner. And now I’m a little bit scared, but most of all I feel desperation.

I’ve basically only been praying for one thing since Ramadan started, and I firmly believe Allah will deliver – only that it’s taking some time.

Faith is tested. And then it’s tested some more. And then it’s tested some more. It’s tested till you are at your most vulnerable, most desperate state, where leaving faith would be the easiest way out. Because faith is not supposed to be easy. If it is, it’s not true faith.

I know this, which is why I find solace in my prayers. Otherwise, I would have caved in. This is why I say: praise is to Allah in all circumstances. Even this is happening for a reason. One that I may see now, later, or maybe never in this life. Regardless, I know for a fact that this is one of those events that is shaping all of us involved. You never stop shaping yourself and your character, even as an adult, things happen that stir the core components of your being.

I know, Al-Waliy, that You keep Your believers safe. I know that this event has revealed to us what You knew all along.

Ya Muqaddim, whatever good You have preserved for us, that will deliver us from this situation, please give it to us now. Ameen.