I thought I had totally given up on this thing. I sure haven’t been in here for ages, not read anything on my feed either. I’ve even removed the WordPress bookmark from the bookmark bar on my browser. Actually it went as far as me thinking I’m returning to my handwritten diaries! I think I even wrote a couple of entries there. But here I am again… you know why? Because I was thinking of writing on my thesis today. I’ve learned that nothing triggers my blogging urge more than assignments.

But I can’t write on the thesis today. In fact I won’t… not yet anyway. I’m supposed to hand it in by mid August, and I have quite a bit of work to do so I really shouldn’t put it off, but there’s a different matter at stake… I need to find a job.

As you may know, I work part time at the university where I study. That part time contract is only valid for as long as I’m a student, so it goes out in September. And either way, it wouldn’t do to only work two days a week after I’ve graduated. Therefore, I’ve been applying for jobs. Unfortunately, so far I’ve only been called to one interview (and I’ve applied to quite a few positions). Three have turned me down. This has got me incredibly worried. I feel like if I at least have something secured for the fall, I’ll have the motivation I need to finish my thesis.

I know it’s a dumb plan… but the thing is, I know my supervisor probably has made some serious comments on things I need to fix, and what with having an insecure future and all… I just don’t feel like I need any more negativity in my life right now. Especially not as it’s Ramadan.

Fasting has been going well alhamdulillah. But then again I don’t work or anything. Actually I’m at home all day, so of course it’s not hard. Peculiarly, I’ve developed an interest in cooking. I’ve been saving various recipe videos people share on Facebook. Haven’t tried any of them out yet, but I did try out a couple of other recipes. I tried to make oatmeal bars, but they turned out way too salty, and I made corn and egg drop soup yesterday for iftar that turned out great alhamdulillah. The stuff good enough for pictures end up on my Instagram @themuslimliterati, the rest on Snapchat.