I’m halfway through my Masters thesis. It’s going to take a while for me to finish. The deadline is in two weeks, but I might need the summer to finish it properly. Regardless… summer will fly by, as it always does. And after that, in shaa Allah, I will be done with my studies… maybe forever. That will be the end of my education. From first grade to here. And then done… no more stress about studies.

I’ve never had that before. Sure, there have been periods when I haven’t studied, but the stress of applying to this or finishing that has always been there. To live a life where you go to work, come home and actually have freedom; to not feel guilty about wasting 40 minutes (or 80… or 120 😐 ) on watching an episode of some show; to be able to actually read for pleasure; to go out whenever… take walks… man… it all seems so unreal. I’ve been studying for so long that I can’t even imagine one can live a life like that! And that tells you something about me! I mean I’m not even talking about traveling or anything like that. Simple stuff like reading and binging TV shows feels like luxuries I haven’t been able to afford (but indulged in anyway 😐 ).

Sure, I don’t have my future figured out yet. I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to find a job after I’m done. But at least that will be all I’ll have to worry about; sending applications and going on interviews. It will be simpler than having to worry about assignment deadlines on the side.

I can’t wait! Now… back to that thesis…