I attended my friend’s brother’s wedding reception yesterday. It was a beautiful reception with good food and company. And then there were aunties…

If you’re above 25, there are no more hints and suggestive laugh-it-offs; it’s straight on torture. Especially if you’re me, who by the courtesy of dear mother has acquired the reputation of turning guys down before even meeting them. Mind you, guys either still living in Bangladesh or who came here to study, i.e. not Swedish citizens (don’t try to tell me it’s about anything else). I’m beginning to see why certain girls don’t attend events…

In my particular situation, they don’t really suggest this or that guy, but nag at me to find someone myself. And when I keep telling them that I don’t know anybody and that I don’t have any connections to reach guys, they tell me I have to try. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the next wedding they’d literally push me towards a random guy.

And yet amidst all of this, nobody ever bothers to ask me what I’m looking for. There are good looking guys, there are doctors, there are this and that, but nowhere is there a guy that prays, has good manners and a personality that would match mine. This is why aunties are outdated. Because they simply don’t get it. Still! In 2016!

Now you might suggest that just to calm them down a bit I should at least meet one of the guys. I could make him turn me down. First of all, if he’s not a Swedish citizen, I don’t think that would be possible. Yes, I’m that confident that’s what they’re all after. Judge me if you wish, but unless you’re one of “those” yourself and disagree, I’m going to persist in my belief. The aunties keep telling me to meet at least one of them and then decide – but trust me, as soon as I give them the green signal to meet up, the whole process is going to start and there isn’t going to be any scope for me to turn the guy down. This is why I don’t want to meet them – what’s the point giving the poor guys false hope?

But it is tempting… to pull a Kajol (see this video from 4:40 minutes)… to see how distasteful you can make yourself for someone to say no xD!