The War Framework

This is an extract from this piece written by Glenn Greenwald.

Since the Brussels attacks, a few Western mainstream media outlets have finally started to question “whether or not” terrorist attacks in the West get more media coverage. As somebody tweeted yesterday; “is water wet? Is the sky blue?”

Are some lives worth more than others?


2 thoughts on “The War Framework

  1. What I noticed was: The terror attacks in Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara) claimed by ISIS were reported by mainstream media (the likes of BBC, etc) as ‘explosions’ or ‘bomb blasts’. Yet the same mainstream media, when reporting on terror attacks in the West (Brussels) used the words ‘terror’ attacks. The common factor was that ISIS claimed responsibilities for all attacks, be it here in the West, in Turkey or later in Iraq.

    Responsible journalism is now non-existant, it’s bias and damn wrong.

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    1. Yeah I have noticed similar things before. And I totally agree. If it wasn’t for social media, there would be so much we wouldn’t know.


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