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Although I laugh at life quite a bit…today I didn’t. I didn’t cry either.

Our blog makes fun of what happens in our life…and usually its hilarious, but that’s because we don’t really care…

But what happens when I do?.. the story doesn’t seem funny…this time it even stung a little. Because this time I actually cared…

People that know me always describe me as a ‘strong’ woman…. I’m known as the ‘protector’ type. 

The reason for this is because the storm of life has knocked me over a few Times and chipped bits away….so now… I’m quite rough around my edges… 

And over the years I was told that there were things ‘missing’ in me…that I didn’t fit a checklist. 

And I realised…it’s the bits that have chipped away…

But after all those conversations… more bits broke off…..But the smile always stayed. 

Today I took a leap of faith……

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