This is how it was supposed to look.

This is a poem I wrote for the Aesthetics and Craft [in Transnational Writing] class we had today, where we were asked to try our hand at concrete poetry. This wasn’t exactly how the poem looked when I made it in Word. To begin with, the first three stanzas were within a box. Then, the clutter of words beneath the box, which here is represented by a single line, was in an arrow formation (it was trying to penetrate the wall). I don’t know why it turned out like this clutter here though. Lastly, the line with the “random” letters is edited according to a suggestion by my teacher.


Are these.
the things that matter to you now?
In that case I will give you more…
and more…
Let’s draw so many lines in the sand
that in the end
we cannot tell
which side we stood on.
To begin with.
More lines. They help.
And if lines don’t work draw walls |

Have you
decided that this place
is now going to be dictated
by letters?
Letters that break your.. lines.
Your wall falls /

But let’s draw more lines……
More walls |||
They help.



what              you                don’t

see                 is                                         that                it

makes            no                                                                                  difference      where

I                                                                                                                                 am

on the page – even if I’m hard to read – because we are one and the same but if you refuse to believe and choose to be deceived by the letters that you, partly, honestly, did conceive then. By all means. Draw more lines More walls They help

But I don’t know any letters
I only know the sounds the
smells t))))
he rubb
le Whe

re I stumble I fall while you build more walls… You think I’m hiding letters but I couldn’t even bring the cash I hid under the mattress they took it all. And your walls they /