To begin with, I want to apologize to the blogs I follow. I’m way behind on your posts and I won’t catch up for a while, maybe not until the winter break… maybe not even then. I’m up to my neck in school work, working one and a half days a week, still trying to settle in to the new place, and having to deal with toothache. Most of the time I spend on social media is occupied by Twitter.

My wisdom tooth has been causing a lot of trouble for the past week and the pain is unbearable. I went to the emergency clinic but they sent me home without doing anything, suggesting I brush with this gel that didn’t work. Now I’m looking into a private clinic, and hopefully they’ll pull it out or at least do something.

Rayan and Lillan came last weekend, for the first time since settling into their new apartment way too far from here. They’re coming again tomorrow. I haven’t been to their place since they moved, haven’t had the time. I keep thinking “next weekend”, but I can’t seem to ever completely catch up with school work.

One of the courses I took last period was Generative Workshop in Creative Writing (this is my second writing workshop. The first one I took was an undergraduate course). The author M.J. Hyland flew in from the UK to teach us that course, which was pretty cool. The deadline for an edited version of our short stories is 15th of November, and 16th of November I have to hand in a short story (will use the same one) for another course; Creative Writing and Editing. I haven’t started on the editing yet. Except for Creative Writing and Editing, the other course I’m taking this period is Aesthetics and Craft in Transnational Writing. So yeah, all the courses this semester are writing courses (the fourth course, which finished a couple of weeks ago, was English for Academic Research).

So yeah that’s what I’m up to right now. How has your fall been so far?