Yes, I’m shamelessly posting my own tweet. Sue me.

Ok so let’s be real here; the chances of Mr. Right finding me and swooping me off my feet, taking my no’s as yeses and trying to impress me are about as high as us living on Mars… ever (yes I heard about the water!). Seriously, it ain’t gonna happen! What does a girl do then? Except for tweeting, that is. Well… a girl goes out there. She wishes she could strangleholds lone Bengali men on the streets and asks them questions. Then she throws them in the yay or nay bin.

Sigh… if only real life worked like Tinder (by the way MuzMatch is like the Muslim equivalent).

No but we can’t seriously still live in a world where as girls we just sit around waiting for things to happen. Guys these days… they’re too self-absorbed. Actually so are girls… you know what; we all focus way too much on ourselves. And the problem is that if you decide to ask more than you tell, the other person takes that as his/her cue to talk even more about themself. They don’t get that “wow look at this person being all interested in me, tis kinda cute”. Their thoughts are more like “I’m so interesting I’mma tell her about bla bla bla. Hahah so funny look she laughs.” Little did you know, bundle of idiocy, I was thinking about how I’m going to drop the no ball.

Urgh… where are all the real people? I’m not looking to hire you for a corporate position for goodness sakes!