A Fool’s Paradise

List of things I wish I could do:

  • Throw water balloons from a rooftop.
  • Have a water-gun fight.
  • Play paintball.
  • Visit an art museum.
  • Watch a play.
  • Support a football team.
  • Read a book lying on a hammock.
  • Get lost in a foreign country.
  • Have a wedding where I’ve convinced my husband to walk in to the Star Wars imperial march theme. Preferably with two people dressed as imperial guards by his side… or him wearing the Darth Vader mask but that’s probably pushing it a little bit too far.
  • Pretend to be Arab in a Middle Eastern country.
  • Be surprised on my birthday.
    • Actually have someone gift me what I want for once would be surprise enough (instead of stupid jewellery).
  • Learn how to ice-skate for goodness’ sake!
  • Have someone throw a cake in my face or push my face into a cake.

Alright I’m done.


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