It’s funny how we work, us humans. Sometimes we remember a single moment, a glance or something even less memorable and short-lasting, and it refuses to leave us however much we try. In fact, the more we do try, the more persistent that memory becomes. The more vivid, the more meaningful. On the other hand, when we need to remember important, big, things like the answer to a question on an exam or someone’s birthday, it shrewdly leaves us.

Eron had a phase once when he couldn’t stand changing clothes. He would scream at the top of his lungs and thrust his arms and legs in all directions, but he refused to be changed. The heart is similar. It wants what it wants. The brain is cold, calculative, logical. It patiently dresses the heart that does all it can to push brain away. And then, it sends it off to school or work or whatever everyday life is for that person. But the heart doesn’t make things easy. It darkens everything around it, the sun recoils from it, plants die where it puts its feet.

And it goes on living like that until slowly, with a patient brain, things start returning to how they were. And then the brain has the talk with the heart. It teaches it to harden itself. Armors it for those things it wants but shouldn’t want. Because it’s bad for you. Candy ruins your teeth, chips make you grow fat, walking in the rain makes you sick and a Na’vi and a human is an impossible combination.