People like me who have never been afraid to express their emotions, whether anger, sadness or happiness… who wear our hearts on our sleeves… we tend to get hurt a lot. But everybody knows that. People take advantage of us because it’s there for them to take. And we always have those bodyguards… you know friends who know how sensitive we are so they’ll always be there for us, warning and putting band aids. We are in need of those safety grids.

Despite everything that has happened in my life; all those people who did hurt me, all those who didn’t care… I mean… for some reason I wouldn’t change me for anything. I still want to express myself; still want to cry at night sometimes, laugh without caring about how I sound, be angry at the most stupidest thing… only to be smiling again after hearing Lillan produce a ridiculous sentence. I’m passionate, and that’s part of my charm.

Passion… for writing, babies, friends, books. Passion for the love yet to come, the novel yet to write, the journeys yet to take.

And those who live without passion… they have a hard time. For them, life becomes a very difficult task.

I would rather live inside my head than in a world where I’m not allowed to feel.