So there’s this beautiful place I’ve passed by countless times with the subway (the subway line we live in is mostly above ground), and time and again I’ve told myself that one day I will step off at that station and go there, sit at a precise spot on the rocks beside the water… but of the eight years I’ve lived in this place that has never happened. And I keep passing by that place, and I keep thinking “one day”.

It’s not an impossible thing to do. Still I keep thinking “no, right now I’m swamped”, “I’ll wait till summer vacation” etc etc. But so many summer vacations have passed, so many times I’ve been swamped but still procrastinated. Instead of doing nothing at home, why couldn’t I just head out there and sit by the water?

It’s so strange how we work, isn’t it? Sometimes we long for something but, for reasons we don’t understand ourselves, we just never take the step to reach out to it. If we all just followed Nike’s stupid slogan, we wouldn’t sit many years after regretting why we never took the chance.