So I’ve been busy with something unexpected these past few days. Apart from being a full time student (and I haven’t even gotten properly started with my studies yet), as you know, I’m also now a part time archivist/administrator at the university. Currently I work two days a week, but when classes get more intense I will have to go down to maybe one day a week.

But… my cousin is getting married… or he already has gotten married but the parties never really seem to end. I haven’t attended all the events, only the “big ones”. The first one I attended was the gaye holud. The bride and the groom had a joint gaye holud, which in this case was a relief because otherwise there would’ve been who knows how many extra events to attend. Anyway, so that was on the 11th. Then two days after was the aghd, which was held at a small castle quite far from where we live. Tomorrow is the wedding reception, and that will be the biggest event yet, with 400 guests. My agoraphobia is already kicking in. Although… I have to say the events prior to tomorrow has somehow prepared me a little bit.

For the wedding, a cousin flew in from Connecticut and another cousin with family from London, and they all came to our place a couple of days ago. It was fun, because I haven’t seen these cousins in maybe over a decade, and the bhabi and nephew I met for the first time.

So yeah, that’s kind of what I’ve been up to lately without actually planning for it.

As you could expect, people are now even more intently looking at me planning my wedding without a groom. A cousin and his wife said we should start taking notes LOL. Sometimes I feel like asking them why they’re bothering to discuss a wedding instead of finding me a man. Ahem… I didn’t scream that, accidentally typed in bold.

Once again, I was suggested to use online sites (by that bhabi I hadn’t met before). She actually met my cousin on Facebook. They met in a January and married in July that same year. When she was 26…