A Prayer

You are Al-‘Alim, The Knower of all. You know what’s in all our hearts, even those parts of us we do not know ourselves. You are Al-Basir and As-Sami, The Seer of all and Hearer of all.

You are Al-Basit, The Reliever, and Al-Mujib, The Responder to prayer. And You have seen my struggles, the ones I share with nobody but You; the ones nobody else would even understand. You know that I reserve certain matters only for You as a meager sign of my patience. And You tell us to be patient.

You are Al-Wali, The Protecting Friend, and it is by finding You that many of my previous needs for attention and meaningless companionship have disappeared. Alhamdulillah, Praise be to You.

You are Al-Kabir, The Greatest. You are Al-Wahid, the One, the All Inclusive, The Indevisible.

And it is now to You that I turn, ya Rabb. Al-Muta’ali, Al-Majid, Malik-al-Mulk. The Supreme One, The Majestic One, The Owner of all. It is to You I turn for guidance, as You are Al-Hadi, The Guide.


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