Things I would rather do than attend a party:

  1. Read a book at home.
  2. Watch TV-series/movies with chips at home.
  3. Play with my nephews at home.
  4. Go out and have dinner with a friend.
  5. Study in a library.
  6. Work out.

If you know me, you know how much I hate working out. But yes, I would absolutely spend four hours at the gym instead of even one hour at a party. And that’s okay. Anyone who says it isn’t has a problem. Being an introvert isn’t a problem. I have friends in my class, I get along with my colleagues, I do everything an extrovert does minus enjoy social gatherings (unless they’re intimate gatherings with people I know).

I cannot explain my utter hatred of having to dress up and go to a place where every pair of eyes that look at you feel like bullets. To having to greet. That dreaded moment when your eyes lock with someone you may not have seen in ages but you have to greet. And oh to answer questions!

At least Harold has a shell in which he can hide!

I would rather learn how to swim. Yeah I don’t even hate water as much as I hate people parties.

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