I don’t think chivalry is dead. It’s still there, I still see it. It’s rusty though. It’s like a machine that keeps not working, until it suddenly does, way more than it should, and sometimes during inappropriate times. Chivalry needs to be paid attention to so it can refine itself, regain some of its former glory as well as become suited to present times. The chivalry of today is a door hanging on rusty hinges. So just a reminder to all young (and old of course) men out there; chivalry ain’t about showin’ you da man and women are less capable. It’s an act, sometimes a genuine one, but one that should come in moderation.


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    1. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the pulling out of chair. As a kid I was offered a jacket once or twice from adult men. I thought THAT was cool and I was a kid lol.

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  1. Hmm…I don’t believe in chivalry as such and think it’s almost impossible to manage now because it can be misconstrued. The old joke of “if you don’t hold a door open for a lady you’re told off for not being chivalrous but if you do you’re told off for being sexist” is quite true.

    However, I do believe in being nice to people. That means both sexes being nice. I’d hold a door open for a lady, a child and a man with equal thought. I would hope to receive the same back.


    1. Well you’re a man :P. So our opinions will differ. But yeah of course you should be nice to everyone. But like I’d rather give up my seat for a pregnant woman or old person than a man in his 40s.

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      1. Ooh that was something of a hint of sexism there Norah! 😛 Well obviously, you help someone in need that’s what being nice to people means. I’m just saying I wouldn’t do something nice based on the sex of the other person but on the appropriateness and level of need. I’d give money to someone homeless on the streets but I wouldn’t flick a coin at a woman and say “hey love go buy yourself a drink pet!” lmao


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