Week 35

Latest update on our living situation: one of my brothers bought a place alhamdulillah, just like 3-4 minutes from this house! The other brother is still looking. Mom and I are not being granted a loan, because the bank said that we can’t really get a house on one person’s income, so we’re looking for an apartment to rent (which is insanely difficult here in Stockholm). If we can’t find a place to rent before we move out from here, we’re going to live with one of the brothers. I hope we find a place to rent though, for a year, until I graduate and get a full time job in shaa Allah. I’m actually going on a showing tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s in an area far from here (my brothers want us to live close to one of them), and the rent is sky-high… but it’s the first apartment I’ve been offered after having been in the line for 4,5 years, so I’m thinking I should at least check it out. I can always say no later.

Yesterday was my first day at work. I didn’t do any actual work, I was just shown around the two floors the departments are on and given some info, and then I got to join their coffee meeting and was introduced to everybody working in administration. They were all very nice and I’m looking really forward to start working for real next week.

Yeah that’s about it I think… school starts next week!


12 thoughts on “Week 35

              1. Literally a bog, a marsh. ‘In the mire’ means in difficulties. Comes from the English bogs on the moors where, if you fell in them, you could sink without a trace, very, very slowly if you didn’t get help or otherwise manage to drag yourself out…


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