I’ve received an unusual amount of positive attention through my last post; comments, a retweet, new readers. Muslim Twitter truly is a very supportive community and so, I’m also learning, is the Muslim blogosphere (although I suspect it’s much larger and more diversified than the very small portion of it I’ve seen so far). I don’t know how successful my attempts would have been had it not been for their support. Sisters always got your back, and sometimes brothers as well.

And I appreciate it even more because I don’t have any practicing friends in real life. The truth of the matter is that even if someone is born in a Muslim family, many times that person is not always aware of the lifestyle of a practicing person. For a long time I struggled even with mentioning why I couldn’t stay out too long or why I couldn’t meet up earlier etc (there’s always the option of praying in the nearest mosque, but where would you then tell your non-practicing friend to wait?). I felt like constantly bringing up prayer felt a bit… preachy. Although that’s what I least of all want to be.

The reason I write about religion in my blog is because it’s a crucial part of my life. And this blog simply reflects my life, nothing more. Different things go through our minds during different periods of life. At the moment marriage and the upcoming post-graduation life are important issues for me to think about, and that’s why you see more of that. If and when I eventually do get married, you’ll see a lot of newlywed chatter. Then one day you might see my pregnant brain talking, and then that new parent obsession with her baby. If I stick around long enough, you might hear me rant about my pension fund. So this blog doesn’t have a theme other than… well me.