East,West and the Middle.

Growing up, I went to Bangladesh every summer with mom. But I still haven’t actually lived in any other country than Sweden, so I can’t compare the way Aaliyah is able to do on this post. Yet there is much I can relate to with the life she discovered in Australia, and I can definitely imagine the environment in Dubai.

Our family doesn’t interact with as many Bengalis as we used to when I was younger. And to be honest I’m glad we don’t. I feel uneasy if I’m attending dawats (invitations) or parties, especially if it involves people I’m not close with. The Bengali aunties here should receive gold medals in gossiping. And let’s not even talk about how high up their noses point… with the jewellery their husbands buy them, the sarees their parents send them from back home and their perfect kids who party, drink and “yolo” but hey who cares because they’re studying to become doctors or engineers. They live in such bubbles that often they forget where they came from.