We talk a lot about taking a break from social media, or laying off completely. There’s a lot of talk about its negative impacts on our lives and so on. But few of us actually feel that whatever impacts there are, are negative. Most of us enjoy checking our phone every five minutes.

Until we don’t and the only reason we do it is because OCD.

My mom had it a few days ago. Someone’s Facebook got hacked and so mom saw some bad pictures on her timeline, and another one of her contacts liked such pictures (LOL), and she told me to immediately deactivate her Facebook.

Around the same time, I started losing interest in people’s lives. For a long time I’ve been annoyed that Facebook shows me other people’s likes and the posts they comment on, when the only thing I want to see is what they actually share. Because the likes are usually full of crap. I started getting more and more disgusted every time I tapped on the icon to open the app… and where before I would scroll down to the last post I had seen, I would now just check the first couple of posts. And even that feels like something that has to be done rather than something I want to do.

I had found an amazing community on Twitter not long ago, where I would mostly “hang”… but now I’ve lost interest in that as well.

However, this does not mean I’ve laid off social media completely. I’m on Snapchat a lot, and I always check my Instagram. Pictures are easier. I get annoyed when people write essays for captions – not to mention the ridiculous hashtags – why not let the picture speak for itself? Where did the whole “a picture says more than a thousand words” go?

And then there’s the blogosphere… the blogosphere is good stuff… but I just haven’t had the energy to return. I probably have a mountain of blog posts to catch up on.

But I want to meet real people you know? Life is too short to spend so much of it digitally.