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We talk a lot about taking a break from social media, or laying off completely. There’s a lot of talk about its negative impacts on our lives and so on. But few of us actually feel that whatever impacts there are, are negative. Most of us enjoy checking our phone every five minutes.

Until we don’t and the only reason we do it is because OCD.

My mom had it a few days ago. Someone’s Facebook got hacked and so mom saw some bad pictures on her timeline, and another one of her contacts liked such pictures (LOL), and she told me to immediately deactivate her Facebook.

Around the same time, I started losing interest in people’s lives. For a long time I’ve been annoyed that Facebook shows me other people’s likes and the posts they comment on, when the only thing I want to see is what they actually share. Because the likes are usually full of crap. I started getting more and more disgusted every time I tapped on the icon to open the app… and where before I would scroll down to the last post I had seen, I would now just check the first couple of posts. And even that feels like something that has to be done rather than something I want to do.

I had found an amazing community on Twitter not long ago, where I would mostly “hang”… but now I’ve lost interest in that as well.

However, this does not mean I’ve laid off social media completely. I’m on Snapchat a lot, and I always check my Instagram. Pictures are easier. I get annoyed when people write essays for captions – not to mention the ridiculous hashtags – why not let the picture speak for itself? Where did the whole “a picture says more than a thousand words” go?

And then there’s the blogosphere… the blogosphere is good stuff… but I just haven’t had the energy to return. I probably have a mountain of blog posts to catch up on.

But I want to meet real people you know? Life is too short to spend so much of it digitally.


17 thoughts on “Real People

    1. Nice to see you’re following :). Do tick the box that notifies you of replies to your comments, otherwise it’ll only be one way communication :P.


  1. Isn’t that difficult, especially for introverts like me? 😛 I’ll be honest, I never want to be in the middle of a crowd because I don’t know what to talk about, how to start a conversation, or how to respond to people’s questions. I end up looking like I’m just being moody when I’m not. 😐 But where the social media stands today, I’d take a real hangout anytime over a group chat because the ‘connection’ just isn’t there. Then again, I’d need to actually know some people in real life to be able to meet. It’s not like Facebook that you can walk up to people and ask to be friends. 😛

    I always liked the idea of Twitter. But I’ve never really got to engage with it. It’s mostly because Twitter hasn’t taken off in my country as you probably know. Not a lot of people use Twitter as effectively as they use Facebook. The reason behind Facebook’s success (in the beginning, at least) was that it offered people a way to connect with their real life friends. Where it doesn’t happen (such as Google+), it’s hard to get used to. The same thing happened to me with Twitter. I still check Twitter feed for news articles mostly. Other than that, it’s just another stream of updates from people I don’t necessarily care deeply about.

    As for Instagram, I’m already tired of people posting selfies. 😛 So I rarely open that up. I know there are some people who post really good stuff on Instagram. I haven’t found them yet lol.


    1. Well it depends… I’m an introvert as well but that doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I’ve met quite a few of my online friends in real life, and the ultimate goal with anyone I become close with online is to eventually meet up someday. Unfortunately that’s not always possible as they rarely live in the same country as me.

      It’s a different story when it comes to crowds; I don’t like crowds either… I prefer intimate gatherings with people I know… maybe some I don’t know but who share similar interests and so on which makes it easier to connect.

      Most of the people I follow on Twitter live in the UK, so there’s nothing that says you need only to connect with people who live in the same country as you. I engaged in Muslim Twitter for a while, but this social media tiredness has left me uninterested now in that as well.

      Yeah it’s all about who you follow… there are many great photographers sharing their stuff on Instagram. Snapchat is my favorite at the moment though… it’s so instant and you can share silly everyday stuff… it takes the edge off somehow.

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  2. I disagree with you on the Facebook side of things though I know many who have gone the same way as you and some who simply deactivate their account. For me it has been a lifeline to real friends I can’t see every day and to real ones like you whom I can’t visit easily. It has expanded my world and proven to give more accurate account of the real news and what’s important than the news media. Plus I have my settings sown up a treat so I don’t get told of every single photo or post that all my friends have liked. I only get their posts and their responses to my posts – nothing else!

    I’m still debating about Snapchat. I’m afraid its reputation as a dodgy place for teenagers makes most of us who are a bit old frown on it. Plus, photos have never been a big thing for me. I love seeing pictures of my friends but it does upset me that I can post a silly picture of my dog on Facebook and get 70 likes within hours but if I post about some serious issue that affects the lives of others I get like 3 responses. I don’t like the Instagram generation who care more about showing the world the food they’re eating than what’s really going on in the lives of people they claim to care about.


    1. On the sharing about important stuff front, Twitter is much better than Facebook I feel. That’s where I get my news from. And the thing about Facebook is Ken, it depends who you’re friends with. My timeline mostly consists of relatives from BD who share the most useless stuff and that’s primarily what has made me feel this disgusted.

      Generally with all networks it’s about the people I follow. I follow what interests me on Instagram. I don’t mind food pictures and I follow some fashion people as well… but there are many awesome photographers who share their stuff there too.

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      1. I think Instagram is definitely for those who like photographs – which isn’t really me! I use Twitter but really only for publicity and very short conversations. It’s rubbish for getting indepth with someone however!


        1. I’ve met a few people on Twitter I’ve become close with. Obviously you can’t have long convos there but you can add each other elsewhere. It’s all about where you find a community… be it FB, Twitter or WordPress. FB as a platform isn’t bad, it’s just my friend list that is.

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          1. Ha ha yes I know what you mean. You could always create a new FB which isn’t public so no one can find you except those you invite as friends? I certainly miss your presence there – but I’m being selfish, I know!


            1. Nah… I wouldn’t know which ones to pick and which ones not to.

              Oh and another thing I forgot to mention about Snapchat, the reason I like it, is because it shows stories from around the world. It shows different cities almost everyday, many of them in Asia and Middle East. Today they’re showing Pakistan’s Independence Day. They also had stories for Eid and so on.

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  3. Soooo true about facebook. You hit the nail on the spot. I don’t check facebook either because of having to see what people liked or commented on some one else’s post.
    Twitter, I don’t follow too many people so my newfeed is not that cluttered as yet.
    Best is Instagram. And you are so right about lengthy captions. I just like a picture based on photo. Ain’t nobody got time to read 😛

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