Just a little update on what I’m up to at the moment. Well apart from studies, study coaching and coginitve mapping, I’ve now also got an internship! I know it sounds like I’m doing so much at the same time, but honestly I’m just doing a little bit of everything. The internship is at a company that is an innovator in its field – they deal with storage, publishing and distributing of both electronic and printed books (and other sorts of IT related stuff). I really like it there, especially because there’s always work to do. I’ve worked at places where, when there’s nothing to do, you just sit around killing time or do work that’s not actually yours to do. Currently I’m just there maybe a couple of days a week or so, but I’ll probably be there more often after school finishes at the end of this month.

Apart from that I’ve now confirmed that I’ll have a busy summer. I’ve decided which area my Masters thesis will concern itself with – [English] literature from the Muslim/Arab world, and theories that challenge the Western hegemony – and gathered some reading material… and I assume the more I read, the more reading material will be added to the list. As I’m not traveling anywhere and am not sure whether or not I’ll be working in the summer, I’m hoping for a productive three months during which I’ll have finished a significant amount of the research for my thesis.

I’m scared what’s going to happen after that, to be honest. After June 2016. Worst case scenario, I end up at the warehouse again. But it can’t be that bad, can it?

Google gave it to me.