I haven’t done this in a while… and it’s weird how I’m doing it for a series that stopped being my favorite several seasons ago, but as I’ve followed it regardless so far and this almost felt like a complete series finale, I felt it was worth a mention.

Warning: contains spoilers.

Viewers have known for a while now that Nina Dobrev, who plays the lead role in The Vampire Diaries, is leaving the show. There’s been a lot of speculating as to how that’s going to happen. I would like to say that the show has been building up to her leaving, and it has tried… but honestly I don’t think it succeeded very well.

The latter half of this season has tried to focus more on the other characters whereas before, everything centered alone Elena. In fact things centered around her so much that some viewers (including me) found it annoying, as everybody in Elena’s surroundings constantly had to sacrifice for her. From being such an important piece of the series, to being pushed to the sidelines… well it’s not like it hasn’t happened in TV before, but to be frank I felt like the change of nature of the series didn’t bring anything exciting to it.

A few episodes ago, the cure to vampirism suddenly appeared. I couldn’t really buy that part, to be honest. Not the fact that Bonnie found it but that Elena so badly wanted to be human. There’s been no question of becoming human and suddenly it’s like the clock turned back to when she was turned… which was a good while ago. And then she took the cure, just like that.

There was a lot of speculation as to how Elena was going to leave; I was quite sure she was going to die, considering how there was a blast in the penultimate episode and she was knocked out. But I guess they didn’t want to make it too typical, or maybe they wanted to soften the blow. So Kai linked Bonnie’s body to Elena’s – Elena will be asleep for as long as Bonnie is alive. Once Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up. For most of Elena’s friends, that won’t be too big of an issue because they’re all vampires and are most probably going to remain alive and exactly the same once she wakes up. But Bonnie and Elena won’t be able to be alive together.

I would have preferred it if they had cancelled the show altogether, making the sixth season its final. I’ve been feeling that for a long while, but I guess they’re not ready to give up on it yet. I seriously doubt though that the series will be able to survive beyond a seventh season.

Just like much else that has happened suddenly and in an unfitting manner this season, the first third of this episode showed scenes of Elena saying goodbye to her friends in the dream world (which is what they do at the end of the episode). Jo’s death got no attention whatsoever except for by her husband, who of course was with Elena instead of his wife. I get it, she’s been the lead of this series and deserves it… but couldn’t they wait with Jo’s death :-/ ? Those dream scenes didn’t fit in there at all, but I do understand why they were there.

I also had a hard time buying the deterioration of Damon and Elena’s soulmate-starstruck-lovers relationship. Well it didn’t really deteriorate but Damon started accepting Elena’s choices – something he never did before. From being this selfish, reckless, Elena-centered character to moral, Bonnie-is-my-BFF (guess there are no doubts there, who Damon’s going to end up with next season) Damon… well let’s just say the transition didn’t feel normal at all. I feel like Damon has been ruined a little bit for me, to be honest, second to Tyler who I’m overjoyed has finally turned again and regained his manliness LOL. C’mon… from hybrid to drunk human? Pfft.

What I was surprised to feel was Stelena… I was always for Delena but that scene in the dream world where Elena’s saying goodbye to Stefan brought back some memories… That was nice.

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Well… I guess that’s it. #GoodbyeElena, looking doubtfully ahead at season 7 of The Vampire Diaries.