Worries Worries…

I haven’t been up to much lately. The first half of the semester I was busy with studies. The second half, which started a couple of weeks ago, has been much more relaxed thus far. I want to enjoy it, seen as I’ll be having quite stressful courses after the summer and also have to start preparing for my Masters thesis. But I haven’t been able to enjoy as much as I would like, because I don’t know what I’ll be doing this summer. I haven’t been able to fix a summer job yet (I don’t really feel like returning to the warehouse, if truth be told) and I don’t know where I’ll be for Ramadan. Last year I spent it in Bangladesh as the days here are way too long, and this year they’ll be even longer. On top of all of this, we’re preparing to sell this house… which means mom and I need to find a place to live before the spring ends. So a lot is going on inside my head, but not much is being done practically to solve all these issues.


3 thoughts on “Worries Worries…

    1. Yeah but my brothers and their families are getting places of their own… so our family is separating into more “proper” units lol :P.
      During Ramadan?! I won’t even dare to step outside the house this Ramadan as I’ll be spending it here and the days are LONG… I intend to move as little as possible to store energy heheh… ideally not move beyond my bed area :P.

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