There’s too much happening in the world right now. Every single day something new is happening. There is not a moment to breathe. And the media… they’re doing their job to sell and spread misunderstanding.

Are we facing a time that will be squashed under a heading in the history books of the future? What will that heading be? Can we guess, given our notions about who will be writing those history books?

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I wonder what it would be like if all of us Muslims remained completely silent throughout these turbulent times. If we decided not to utter a single word regarding the events happening around which we’re being blamed and simultaneously victimized. What would happen if we adopted that kind of extreme patience and perseverance? What would the world do to us? Where would we end up?

What is my role in all of this? Where am I in all of this? Ever since I became active on Twitter again, I seem to somehow have become drawn into this turbulence and an idea has nestled inside the part of my brain that deals with unfinished thoughts that I am involved. But what, precisely, am I involved in? And how am I involved in it? I have yet to find the terms and labels. This purposefulness may be a complete illusion, but given my supposed creative mind, even an illusory purposefulness may actually lead to something productive. In shaa Allah. At least windows are appearing, doors are being left slightly ajar; possibilities are emerging.

Thus… just as deserts may give birth to the one odd flower and pain brings children into the world, I do believe good can come out from the bad. But that requires patience.

Complete silence, I realize of course, is not the solution. On the contrary we should speak. But we should speak wisely. We have guidance in the writings of our faith – a key you could say. Times similar to these have once passed and been tolerated and dealt with. Let us learn from history. Let us act in a way so that even if the same people who wrote history books yesterday write them tomorrow, they give us a proper heading.