It is a horrible thing to discover your own evil. We all know, of course, that everybody is capable of evil theoretically. But it’s not until we have done the deed that being a human being becomes scary. The instant we take that cruel decision; pass that critical line between what is acceptable and what is not. Or that moment when we’ve been hurting someone past all excuses, and we look at our bloody fist and at the horror in our beloved’s eyes – the moment we realize we have become monsters.

Everybody is equally capable of being insidious, and everybody is equally capable of being selfless.

I think of these things as I contribute to the racism dialogue. The things the racists say ignite hatred in me, there’s no denying that. That hatred tempts me to be on the offence, to swear, to mobilize. That hatred whispers into my ears the very mantra of these sick people; us versus them. It makes me paranoid, as I scrutinize my ethnically Western coworkers; what they say, what they avoid, what they imply.

This is the truth, which I admit.

What do the racists want? They can’t possibly think they’ll actually manage to kick us out of the country. They can’t eradicate us. What the racists actually want is war. That’s why they constantly attempt to provoke us. They want chaos, mayhem. Because what do innocent lives matter to them?

Racists are a bunch of sorry behinds who never succeed with anything in life and aren’t mature enough to understand that it’s their own fault. So they find someone else to blame for their flaws.

Racists are… precisely what the word states; people who divide the singular human race into plural races.

My biggest problem with racists is that they don’t identify themselves as such. “It’s not racist”, is how they commence every sentence. Heck I’d respect the racist who has embraced their true nature. As long as they think freedom of expression was created for them, they’ll continue racism by not being “racists”.

Maybe the problem is that there’s not enough schooling on what racism actually is. Maybe that’s what people in charge should aim at; to provide clear definitions for what racism actually is.