I first thought I’d skip blogging today and simply be content with posting that annual report as my laptop isn’t working, but then I thought: hey, what about writing on my new phone?!

Yes, I have finally bought my Galaxy Note 4! And I’m handwriting this post! I’m glad I bought it during winter vacation because it would distract me away from my studies way too often :p !

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I was too excited and couldn’t wait to open up the phone 😛 .

Alright, let’s get on with the post then.

I would sum up 2014 as a bad year for the world; children have died, racism and islamophobia has spread to European politics, a mosque was set on fire close to home, planes have disappeared, ISIS has grown, ebola returned to the world, tensions in the Israel/Palestine conflict have escalated… and much much more. If you Google the most searched topics of the year, you get a “nice” overview of matters people were concerned about most.

Yet… nothing happened to me. Yesterday after work I went to pick up my new phone. On my way home there’s a road one has to cross. I stood on the pavement before the zebra crossing waiting and waiting for cars from both sides to stop. I advanced one step while the cars coming from the left were still far away, giving them plenty of time to stop which they’re obliged to do seen as I’m standing on the zebra crossing. When a car from the right finally had the decency to stop, I was just about to cross the street. Fortunately I looked to the left because WHOOSH, there passed two cars. That was… close. Alhamdulillah, I thought, it wasn’t my time yet.

How fortunate am I, God reminds me, that despite there happening so much all over the world everyday, I am safe. What have I done to deserve this safety, satisfaction, happiness even? NADA.

You can say I’m suffering from survivor’s guilt, but it’s more than that; it’s also a fear that at any time, anything could happen.

It’s not enough to simply tell yourself not to take life for granted; you have to live like you mean it. In my case, that entails remembering to always remember God and to help others whenever I can. And that’s not merely a resolution for 2014; that’s a resolution for life inshaa Allah.