So I haven’t been here in forever. I have a mountain of blog posts to catch up on. Initially I thought I’d do that before writing something myself… but that’s probably going to take a few days – I don’t really feel like reading it all in one sitting.

Winter vacation has finally started – wohoo! I’m working full-time at the warehouse, but only on weekdays… so I have five days off for Christmas now and then two days off for New Years next week :D.

Lots of fun things ahead. I have finally ordered my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which I have been waiting to do for ages. I’m not going to get it until after New Years though… stupid of me to order online and not buy it directly from the store but I suppose that’s alright.

I have a dinner invitation today where I’ll be meeting up with some friends, which is going to be fun… but… I’m sick. I’ve been heaving a headache all morning and my nose is stuffed. I handed in the last essay of the semester on Monday a quarter to midnight and worked all day yesterday so today is my first real day of vacation. To be honest I’d just prefer to spend it resting at home. But I know I’ll enjoy once I get there :).

Apart from that I’ll be spending my vacation reading, catching up on movies… and I’ll be working on the project that I mentioned in my last post. I still haven’t signed the contract… but will do so soon hopefully.

That’s it for today… just wanted to scribble something down to let you guys know this blog is still alive and so is the blogger :P. There’ll be a New Years post as usual, so see you then!