I’m at that time of the year when there’s so much to do that there’s barely any time for planning. All I really want to do right now is just step outside of the chaos and look at it, make sense of it, structure it, mould it into something more coherent. My life, thus, is currently not making sense.

School… no let’s not even go there. The load is pretty insane.

Work… lately some cancelled sessions… which has worked out really good for me as they placed themselves strategically the day before deadlines. My intention was to not continue working next semester, but they’re really insisting so we’ll see… if I do work it will be considerably less hours.

I have already started practicing to live on the study allowance only.

I just finished a practice session of a job… well basically those of us who have signed up will be assisting a teacher in constructing space in Caribbean fiction. I’m not entirely sure I’ll sign the contract yet. The idea is that you should be able to do this mapping 15 pages per hour, that’s what the pay is based on. So I’ll have to try to see if I can reach that quota before I decide to take it on.

I really need to consult someone regarding this problem of mine of always taking on activities. I already got my winter holiday job fixed at the warehouse (as usual). Fortunately I will only be working for the first half of the holiday… so I’ll have around ten days of free time afterwards I think. But I can’t leave all this planning for then. There has to be some micro-planning done right now, today, already.

Not to mention the fact that my room has to be cleaned.