Well then… here we are again… at the university library. For some reason this place always reawakens my urge to blog. It’s in the middle of September but the sun is shining through the glass as if summer never ended… as if it will never end. Even though we all know that winter is coming…

Now when the pleasantries and Game of Thrones references are done, let’s look at the main course. Today we serve you a slightly-down-really-trying-to-feel-okay Norah with some but-something-is-kinda-wrong. Unfortunately it’s nothing-new.

You know when you tell people you’re down – or blog about it for that matter – they’ll say a few words to cheer you up. Sometimes it works for the moment and you do truly appreciate the comment, but a few words are… not really enough.

I mean look at all these people constantly texting, talking on the phone, talking to each other. There is something fundamentally wrong with me.

Look at all these people settling down. Getting married or moving out or finishing their studies and getting proper jobs.


Sorry, but if you’ve ever been in a similar place I’m sure you remember that hearing the same thing over and over again tends to make you a bit annoyed… I should probably remember that next time I tell someone to cheer up…

I wish I could just find someone who’s in this complaining mode and passing a similar phase like I am in life… so we could just rant into each other’s ears and find… well some kind of peace. I for once would find peace in the fact that I’m not the only one being stuck at the moment. And no, it’s not enough to tell me there are millions of me out there. In that case you’d have to personally introduce me to those millions. Numbers will do me no good.

So where in this world do you find heart-to-heart connections in your adult life? I’m scared that that day is near approaching when I’m invited to a friend’s place where everybody is a couple except for… me. I would sit there and nod excessively at everything being said because oh I’ve totally-never-been-there-probably-never-will-but-let’s-avoid-awkward-moments. Only to realize that me laughing, pretending to be at the same place as them, is awkward. What I should do is just stand up and look the host in the eyes, point my finger at her and say burn witch ask why she invited me when she knows the mere sight of couples torture me.

Yes please let’s go there; let’s say that couples got the cooties. They’re yucky and I don’t want to play with them.