Where am I?

Remember that eternal problem of mine I might have mentioned on a few occasions? The one about never fitting in, never finding my type of people? Well guess what… I just started on the Masters program in English literature and… I still haven’t found where I belong!

It feels like everybody is already so well-grounded in everything that has to do with literary theory… whereas I feel like a really clumsy dolphin in a pond filled with brainy tunas. Things weren’t like this when I was an undergraduate; I could always find at least someone who knew as little as I did. But now… did I make the right choice? And if not, then what would be the right choice? Is there one for me even?

But then I think back at how all of this started. I was sure this was what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure that I was going to be admitted to the program. So I did a special prayer called istikhara where you ask for God’s counsel. And I got admitted. I took that as “well maybe this is the way to go then”. So… if I felt okay then, why should some highly ambitious tunas scare me now? I sought God then… I should seek Him once again. You can never be too sure…

Oh the power of vent-blogging!

By the way… did any of you catch the release of the Note 4? Can’t wait for it to be out on the market! Much more on that later though!


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