Apparently, my stats are booming. I got fifty views yesterday. I didn’t even post yesterday. And I don’t mean to sound like a complaining dork, but what are 170 followers when only 3-4 care to comment?

Norah, do you even publish anything worth commenting? And why do you think people would want to comment when eight times out of ten you end up arguing in the comment section?

Alright… I admit… my blog might not be the most hospitable place on the interglobe… it needs discipline. Unfortunately that’s the one thing I’ve never been really good at. You should see my room.

Also, currently I have no friends.

Meanwhile, here’s a lamp.



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  1. I’m liking this out of sympathy. I don’t know why people don’t comment but do know that most of my readers don’t comment either. I heard long ago that the BBC considers each letter of complaint to represent 10,000 viewers. I don’t know how they worked things out but that means they think 9,999 viewers who are angry enough to complain, don’t complain. Certainly I notice that while lots of people read my blog, only a fraction ‘like’ it and less than that comment. I’ve seen similar on other blogs which have multiple thousands following them that normally only around 20-50 followers click like and less than 20 leave comments – unless it’s some kind of self-help or business blog. So don’t see lack of comments as meaning no one enjoys your blog – they do.

    And you do have friends – or at least one I know who you can always count on to be a friend. O.O


    1. I wonder what makes you and me different though. I might not comment on every single post but the blogs that update regularly, I comment on maybe every other post.

      Thanks Ken! I do have friends on the internet but currently all my physical friends have vanished!


  2. Interesting! An eternal and deeply intriguing curious question! Why people do not comment or do very few!? Dan Ariely or Daniel Kahneman may answer it better.

    People – perhaps not many – read about other people’s life and thought. However, there are tons of reasons not to comment. Commenting is sometimes deeply personal and revealing. People sometime do not comment because it may be hard to express something then and there! Or maybe there is nothing to say, or maybe they do not have anything to say, or maybe they do not want offend the blogger, or a blogger maybe not turned into a stupid celebrity yet, or maybe their keyboards are broken…

    …To decipher these maybe’s, an army of engineers, programmers, physiologists, statisticians, sociologist, anthropologist, futurists … are working day and night at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NSA, (+ you/we/me) to find the answer. So far, all the answers are ‘glass half empty’.

    You’ve asked a vital question in such a simple form. Why so few comments! Is anyone reading? Do anyone care? if so, how many?, If not, why not? – The solution to think (at least for me) people or machine will read them if Ileave my thoughts and feeling behind. It may take centuries, but it WILL.

    Meanwhile, I was looking for a lamp on Google and ended up commenting here. My wife is asking did I find anything yet? The answer is….lol


    1. WOW… well my reply will definitely not match yours… but I can say this much that if you’re a part of the blogging community it’s kind of… well not really but almost… a kind of social duty to leave a comment, at least if it’s a blog you follow and ESPECIALLY if the blogger follows you and comments on your blog regularly. I should probably have specified the people at the center of my target ;).

      Thank you so much for commenting! Definitely a colorful spot amidst all this… emptiness!


  3. You said, social duty, great, but how does it translate into leaving a comment behind? “No one follow nothing at all, Norah.” How do I/we know, that you will continue this blog “” forever? What will happen if you stop writing, or wordpress go out of business or internet goes underground or… then what will happen to the comments I/we left behind? It is impossible to answer but I will take any answer to these questions towards the contribution to advancement to human kind and mind.

    I may say just this:

    Don’t focus on comments because sometimes that does not mean anything unless we interpret those comment(s) in OUR way. If you do some ‘gedankenexperiment’ then you will see that the world is the way YOU want to see it. I can give you tons of example. But to make it more exciting I will refrain. You are an intelligent ‘ant’, you will know one day. 🙂 (I love ants. They are so super cute, duper smart and grandparents of elephants!)

    Please keep writing – For YOU. ..(and for some random, uncertain, unseen, sneaky us)

    Stupid me.. I again left some comments behind and fall into a trap!


    1. Hahahah… well if I was writing only for me then I would write on my handwritten journal and not join the blogosphere :P.

      Of course the world will not be the way I want to see it – that’s why we get to complain and remind people that “hey… don’t forget to leave a comment. I left several on yours” ;P.


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