My room looks like the aftermath of a war. Many of you might be familiar with this situation where you really want to unpack but “let’s just rest first”. However in a house with three babies, not unpacking means risking things getting A) even more messier or B) lost/destroyed. The absolutely worst part is that our room (mom and I share a room) has no door, so the kids basically come and go as they want and take what they want. When I came home I saw that some of my books on the shelf were disorganized. I hate it when people touch my books and then put them back in a different spot (the babies don’t get to do that while I’m around). Mom once got the idea from who knows where to organize the books on my shelfΒ according to size. I mean seriously?!

I have work in a few hours. I know I shouldn’t complain, seen as I only work two hours today, but the journey to and from take another two hours… I wish I could just sit at home for a whole week and recover from various coming-home-from-Bangladesh-problems. For the past month and a half I haven’t stepped outside alone. At the very least I’ve had our driver with me. So going out with Obama’s Elf feels… depressing.