Objects and Emotions

My vacation is coming to an end… although I still have a wedding to attend and some relatives coming over before I can finally sit down on the plane that will take me back to my three now-bigger-than-as-I-left-them rugrats. I’ve never been away from them for so long. I was away in college a few months when Rayan was a baby, but that’s it. I Skyped with him yesterday. He has learned more words but he speaks so fast it’s difficult to understand through the I-shouldn’t-complain-but-it’s-kinda-unstable/slow internet connection.

It’s been an okay vacation despite the circumstances. The circumstances which I should have predicted but oh well. In a sense my vacation didn’t start until I came back to Dhaka from Chittagong. Since then I’ve truly been enjoying this place.

I did manage to do some shopping but three of the clothes I bought got discolored in the wash. And I learned that it doesn’t matter how expensive the clothes you buy are here in Bangladesh… they all end up in the same state anyway. Some clothes get discolored even if you handwash them. I bought this really pretty salwar kameez the other day and got some lipstick mark on it so I washed only that area very carefully with some soap. Yet the mere touch of water smeared the color of a different area on the white fabric (the kameez is mainly white). And it’s not like these clothes are cheap in comparison to Swedish prices… no no… clothes in Bangladesh are expensive.

And I bought this gorgeous pair of pumps that got scratched when I got off from a rickshaw…

Which has a funny story attached to it. My friend and I had lunch in a restaurant and were walking to this bakery to have dessert. We walked a while and then my friend said it’s further down the road so we should take a rickshaw. It turned out it was on the other side of this tree or something that was blocking the view… so we sat on the rickshaw for like… 15 seconds?

Anyway… things can always be replaced. I’m glad to have been able to observe Ramadan and celebrate Eid here as well as meet up with my relatives after four years. I’m thinking about next Ramadan… the days will if possible be even longer then in Sweden… I might have to come here again :/ . I might actually have to come here for Ramadan for the next five years, if I want to escape those 20 hours…


4 thoughts on “Objects and Emotions

  1. Clothes are expensive?! You’re shopping in the wrong parts of Dhaka or Sweden must be incredibly cheap for buying clothes! The clothes we bought were always a fraction of the cost of those in the UK…


    1. I wasn’t buying in the wrong parts of Dhaka :P… I get my clothes from various stores in Bashundhara City or stores like Yellow, Vasavi etc. If I’m to get my clothes from Gawsia or New Market I’ll first have to get through all the traffic to get there and then to survive the crowd… plus the clothes from there are good for wearing at home or if you want to buy the fabric and give to a tailor… And most of the clothes I bought this time are not salwar kameezes but other stuff that I can wear here as well, which are ready made… so I know where to look Ken :P… after all it’s not the first time I’ve been to Dhaka…

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      1. Even so – we have bought western-style clothes from Dhaka and they come nowhere near the prices of the same in the UK – you can get stuff that expensive but we just didn’t buy it. There was always plenty of places to get it cheaper (mostly in Banani) without ever having to brave the trip to Newmarket…


        1. Well then maybe the prices in UK are higher than those in Sweden… a couple of the kurtas I bought cost 2000+ tk, and the salwar kameezes around 5-6000 :-/.


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