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Citizen of an Idiocracy

CONTEXT: As if Israel’s casual murders of children in Gaza weren’t enough – some Israelis are starting to explain why their actions are exclusively and supremely moral. Very recently, The Times of Israel carried a blog post by Yochanan Gordon titled “When Genocide is Permissible”.


So incendiary was his line of argument that the newspaper was forced to take it down. They quickly apologized for the editorial oversight and discontinued the writer’s blog.


But the Internet doesn’t forget. Nothing gets completely lost in this vast space of bits and data. In this short time, screen-shots and whole texts have been preserved and published. I, too, am putting it on my blog as evidence. Let this be a reminder of how quickly notions of racial / ethnic / religious supremacy leads to apathy, oppression and genocide. Let this be a reminder for those who care to reflect. (Adnan R Amin)


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