The Eid moon.
The Eid moon.

So yesterday was my first Eid-al-Fitr (that I can remember) here in Bangladesh. It was great [alhamdulillah]! The day started off by waking up at 6 am to get ready for the Eid prayer. I’ve never been to a mosque in Bangladesh so it was quite interesting! I went with my grandma, aunt, uncle and cousin.

After the prayer they dropped me home where mom and I rested a little bit and then got ready to go to my nanubari (maternal grandma’s place). Many of our relatives came there and I got money from everybody ๐Ÿ˜› ! It was quite embarrassing getting money at this age, but quite frankly I was in need of it LOL :P. God has His ways of giving us what we need [subhaan Allah].

After that we went to my eldest brother’s in-laws.

But our Eid celebration didn’t limit itself to yesterday. Today we had guests. My grandma, all of my aunts (mom’s sisters), cousin Nowshin, two uncles, a cousin and his wife wife, another cousin and her husband all came to our place. The guest of honors were my friend and her husband. I haven’t been able to meet her since I got here, so it was fun to finally meet and also to meet her husband for the first time as well.

Tomorrow we have a dinner invitation atย my younger sis-in-law’s sister’s place. After that I don’t have any specific plans, but as I’m in Dhaka I’m sure the time will be well spent [insha Allah].