I’m finally able to use internet on my laptop. I have unlimited internet access on my phone, but after I’ve consumed five gigabytes the speed will slow down. Therefore, I thought it better that I wait till the end of the month (the package is only valid one month, and then you have to renew it) before I use internet on my laptop through mobile hotspot. I thought maybe my laptop would consume more than my tiny phone. It doesn’t seem to consume that much though, even though I uploaded around 50 pictures on Facebook yesterday. So I can probably use my laptop freely from now on. I get most things done through my phone, but if I’m to blog I prefer a proper keyboard.

We came to Dhaka yesterday… hopefully I can finally start enjoying my vacation again. Today we went shopping and then went to my nanubari (maternal grandma’s place), and then went shopping again 😛 . Eid is probably the day after tomorrow here, so I told mom I want to go to my nanubari again tomorrow and have my aunt put henna on my hands. The night before Eid is called chaadraat (moon-night, i.e. the moon that marks the end of Ramadan), and that’s when you put henna, cook and prepare for Eid etc. There won’t be much of that done at our place as we haven’t told anybody to come here at Eid, but on the day after. We haven’t had a single guest at our place this time, so I really hope my relatives and friends will come.

This is the first time I’m celebrating Eid-al-Fitr in Bangladesh… that I can remember. The last time I celebrated Eid here was Eid-al-Azha eight years ago after my brother’s wedding. That Eid was spent in Chittagong. It wasn’t too bad, but I have a feeling this Eid will be even better… inshaa Allah (if Allah wills).

Here are a few of the pictures I’ve taken so far.