Hoarder of Sorrows

People like us… we suffer in silence, because sharing with people you know means burdening them with knowledge they might not even grasp fully. What they will grasp is the fact that something is troubling you, and that will make them worried. But suffering in silence means stacking one worry atop the other in the bank vault of your mind, with the threat of hoarding looming over you. But I don’t hoard by will, only by necessity.

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16 thoughts on “Hoarder of Sorrows

  1. And then there is the risk of the person with whom you share becoming a foe after some time!
    I guess it was Chanakya who said that a thing shared with the 5th ear (third person) can never remain a secret!
    Yes, hoarding by will makes eminent sense.


    1. But I’m not talking about secrets… I’m talking about things that trouble you… and not being able to share with anybody because they’ll worry too much…


  2. Hmmm. What’s up? Why hoard n be bored when you can share and care? Dang! That was too corny even by my standards. But hey, I’m not gonna hoard that :p


    1. Lol… it’s too long and complicated… plus I’ve already hoarded it away so it’s currently collecting dust :P.


            1. No… it’s just some stuff our family has been facing for a long while… and now those things are resurfacing.


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