Alright… so I’m here. In Dhaka. I landed this morning after a sleepless flight around 5:15 and have since then been places. I laid down after a shower and breakfast but couldn’t sleep. My aunt asked me to go to their (my grandma’s place) at lunch unless I was too tired. As I didn’t feel so at the moment, I said yes. However before we even stepped out I started feeling sleepy, and have been feeling so since then.

In the evening we went out shopping. The shopping plus deposition of the cloth to the taylor’s took maybe 10-15 minutes in total. But we were out for hours… stuck in traffic.

After that we had dinner at my grandma’s place again and then came home. I’m of course not sleepy now when I should be :-/.

Because of my tiredness I haven’t been able to truly feel anything yet. I had some sensations after I landed. For example the smell of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The second sensation was the stares. The third one the blow of suffocating humidity that hits you as soon as you step out of the airport. I hope to be able to explore more sensations in the next few days and maybe also capture some on camera (although I probably won’t be able to upload them in a while as I only have internet on my phone).

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