I’m quite stressed out at the moment. My packing never seems to end. I’m gonna be away for quite some time, not to mention the stuff my parents have asked me to take with me… and I keep worrying I’m going to forget something important. As I probably have mentioned too many times already; I haven’t traveled anywhere by air in two years. But it feels like “should I take this with me or not?” is a familiar question – so maybe it’s all going to be alright in the end. The day before a flight to Bangladesh is always stressful… and I can’t relax until I’m finally sitting down on the plane.

But this stress also seems to be accompanied by unwanted anticipation. What am I expecting? That there will be fireworks at my arrival and I’ll fly from the airport to our apartment on a magic carpet, greeted by all the people on the street? I honestly have to learn to lower my expectations.

Yet I think the environment itself is kind of what I’m looking forward to see. I know that not a lot changes in four years, but it’s been so long everything may seem new. Will I recognize the streets? I can picture the street on which our apartment lays. I can picture the curious glances of people. I can imagine the humidity.