Back After a Month!

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Wow, it’s been a while! Definitely the longest break so far – a whole month! I’ve been waiting for something sensible to pop up in my head that I can write about. Unfortunately it still hasn’t, and so I’ve given up waiting for it. What further has contributed to this hiatus is the fact that nothing has happened in my life worth writing about. For the past few months I’ve been so busy with studies that my list of pending to dos outside the study world has grown into the size of the Hulk’s fist. In between stressful periods I’ve tried to cross some stuff out, but I have this long period after I’ve handed in the final version of my essay (Tuesday) and my flight to Dhaka when I’ll have absolutely nothing to do… so it’s actually good to have a list like that. Especially so as most of my friends have fled left the country.

So yeah as you might understand by seeing the countdown widget to your left, I’m looking forward to my trip to Bangladesh. I haven’t stepped inside a plane in two years, which is a first. I don’t travel half as much as my friends, but I still normally travel by air somewhere once a year. These past couple of years have turned out to be exceptions and I don’t regret them. It’s given me plenty of time to work and gather some “stable-life” experience (as well as some money… which unfortunately doesn’t stick with you as long as experience does). But… it’s definitely time for a change and for me to flyyyyy! Oh and it’s been four years since I was in Bangladesh the last time, which adds to the excitement. It adds a bit of nervousness as well to be honest. I’m not even sure what to expect.



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