There is safety in like-mindedness. There is safety in familiar patterns. It’s a place where you have control. Knowing your surroundings by heart, falling into the same old rhythm of the community… something in that welcomes you with open arms in times of distress and insecurity.

"Controlled chaos". Courtesy of:
“Controlled chaos”. Courtesy of:

Next best is understanding. People who understand how you function and accept it, without being like you. People who appreciate the originality. People who don’t try to filter you into any stereotype, who don’t have the sort of thinking that automatically filters people into stereotypes. These people are open for your influence – they are those who will listen.

I myself am a victim of my prejudices. Yet I try to stay conscious of them at all times, and I offer people chances to break them. I become disheartened when they don’t. Too many times, since the start of this year, have I come across people who say the exact same things. How is this even possible? How can stereotypes actually be true? Why do people not know themselves better? Remember the quote I posted about ideologies? I respect people who consciously choose to belong in a stereotype, but if they belong to a stereotype and deny that they do… it’s just sad.

I’ve always been picky when it comes to choosing friends. Recently I’ve turned a blind eye to my own requirements. I shouldn’t have. The people I’ve come in contact with have increased my distress and are likely to induce an existential crisis for me anytime now. I need to strengthen my safety net before that happens.