I want to know if it’s only me, or if other people in the blogging community – intellectuals devoted to literature, art and culture – have similar concerns. Do you guys think that the world is moving away from profound thinking? I’m not blaming the internet. If the internet was to be blamed, then I’d be one of the first victims of a disease I think is spreading.

I feel more and more like people nowadays are only following the crowd. Whatever opinion is “in”, they’ll adopt… even though many times they have no idea what it says about them nor what the grounds for that opinion are. But I see that those of us who still read books, for example, still have the capability to probe deeper into matters.

It’s in times like this I find salvation in the blogging community. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys. By coming here I’m reminded that there are enough people who still think. And we are enough to make a difference and to rid the world of this disease. To steer the world in the right direction.

I also find salvation in reading and in class. Listening to our teachers and my fellow young literary scholars fills me with pride and strengthens me. Some may think people like me are wasting our lives, but I see us as people who are dedicated to a cause. I see us as people who chose one path instead of the other, the other being where work is a mechanical practice without meaning and spare time is dedicated to activities we engage in only to please other people.

Courtesy of: www.thumbr.io
Courtesy of: http://www.thumbr.io

These “other people” have become the center of the transcendental circle for people these days. They are those whose desirability people today seek. It’s all a circle of a superficiality so thin it cuts.

Am I being delusional and paranoid or is there at least a drop of truth to what I’m saying?