Talk about being stupid! One of the readers of this blog, Mr. M, pointed asked me in my last post if I wasn’t mistaken; that 15th of January is the last submission date for international students. And it turned out he’s right! The stupid department’s website didn’t make that clear! The student counselor replied today and I can’t even apply before the 17th of March! Wohoooo! I’m still good to go! My life isn’t ruined! I don’t have to get married!


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  1. Haaaaaa…..told you so πŸ˜‰ ………there are different cycles for international and national applicants.

    Anywho………….this time make sure to read through the dates carefully and send in the documents early as well, if you have to send in documents.

    I will also purposefully not make any comments on the whole marriage shebang πŸ˜€ !

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you ! Everything will go just fine !

    Have a great sunny day !


  2. Ha ha! I think you meant ‘can’ not ‘can’t’ there πŸ˜‰
    I think the best thing with marriage is just to not plan it but see where life takes you. Who knows? There may be s wonderful guy appears on that Masters course…


    1. Highly unlikely that a Bengali guy chooses to get a Masters in English Literature. And I wish I didn’t have to plan or stress… but things work differently for us you know. If it was all up to me I wouldn’t even have to think about marriage…


        1. No… what I mean is that if there was no rush and I didn’t have to care about getting married before a certain age, then I wouldn’t even have to think about marriage; I’d either meet someone or I wouldn’t… or maybe I would when I’m like 45 lol. But as it is now I actively have to think about it and be open to suggestions. That doesn’t mean I want to be set up with someone and not get to know that person at all, but if someone I know find a guy they think is suitable for me then I’d be glad to get to know the person.


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