Throat, Ear and Essay Pain

The first post in over two weeks on this blog, and I’m here to rant. I apologize for that. I’ve been sick with fever, extreme pain in my throat, blocked ears and when I lay down my nose gets blocked as well. On top of this, my studies have taken a chaotic turn. The thing is, our teachers don’t seem to let us write our BA essays in peace. There’s always a seminar here or a seminar there for which we have to hand in assignments related to our essays, and it’s seriously causing bumps on the road for me. I want to be able to read the material and write in my own way. I understand that the teachers want us to get started, but having to share what we write in such a preliminary state is just not right… everybody knows the nature of your essay changes as you write, so the idea you had in the beginning might not reflect your end result. Conclusion: the trouble-free life I’ve been leading for the last year and a half has come to an end.

I have summer to look forward to though, as mom and I are already looking for tickets to Bangladesh. I’ll be spending Ramadan there and then stay a couple more weeks so I can attend a friend’s wedding in August. Still… summer’s a looong way to go, if studies are going to continue being this bothersome…


5 thoughts on “Throat, Ear and Essay Pain

  1. Sad you’ve been ill and sorry you’re raging over your course. It’ll pass 🙂
    Much sadder though that, yet again, you’re probably going to be in Bangladesh when I’m not! Grrr…


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