Making Sense of the Notion of Givers and Takers

If you haven’t noticed it already, I’m quite engaged in social media. At the same time, I’m being educated in literary criticism. What I mean to say by this is that I don’t buy everything I read out here on the internet. Unfortunately, many people I’m sadly connected with through social media do. It annoys me. I didn’t have to mention the literary criticism part, because that’s not even necessary. Even before I started studying that, I knew you can’t just swallow everything the internet throws at you. I was thinking about all of this today, when suddenly I remembered something somebody told me not long ago. There’s this guy who categorizes people into ‘takers’ and ‘givers’. He told me I’m a giver, and he’s a taker. When he said that, the expressions held merely superficial meaning to me. But while I was thinking about it today, I realized the depth those two quite modest words hold. The people I previously thought were dumb are simply takers – the crowd. Crowds follow, that’s the nature of the crowd. The givers are those who question the information and many times remodel it into new structures (the giving part).

Now this is not all black and white – there are gray zones. I’m far from a true giver, just as there are few complete takers. There are those who question, some more and some less. There are those who create, some more and some less. And there are those who try to stay somewhere in the middle diligently observing the exchanges. I don’t see myself as a true giver because I’m not knowledgable enough to create new opinions (if there even is anything new in the world anymore – isn’t everything we think of and everything we are products of a concoction of thoughts and people that have been?) – but I do question and I’m not afraid of expressing my opinions.

This is relevant because social media is there for people to share information with each other as efficiently as possible. Naturally there is a need for some anthropological study (bear in mind that I don’t mean the results of my lazy Saturday afternoon thoughts are in anyway qualified as ‘anthropological study’) in order for you to reach as many people as possible – to reach them not only virtually, but also mentally.


4 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Notion of Givers and Takers

  1. This post really made me think about my role in social media, and other areas of life, and if I’m a giver or a taker. That is so true, though, that our world is made up of those two types of people, although I think most people end up falling in that gray area. I think that the fact that there is a gray area is what makes really makes society work. Great thoughts!


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