So lately I haven’t been able to sleep well at night. No matter what I do, I seem to end up staying awake till 4 A.M and wake up at noon. Today however, my consciousness had the decency to start stirring at 10:30. This annoying sleep pattern has however, provided me with a curious set of dreams…

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Like this one dream where I’m going to Bangladesh… I know that’s where I’m headed, but my journey starts off at Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport :?. For some reason, the airport is empty save this one guy who’s sitting in the waiting-to-board area. And I’m doing something really weird; I’m trying to put my laptop in the scanner thingie. Only there is no scanner thingie, which of course is something I don’t realize until someone from the airport staff suddenly appears and starts approaching me.

And before I know it, I’m on the plane. Now this is interesting; this plain has rooms. Common sense seems to work in my head at this stage of the dream, so I realize that traveling in a room on a plane must cost a fortune. My brother is with me (as well as my mom) and he simply says we’ll just sit there and wait and see if anybody shows up to claim their seats (otherwise apparently, we can have that room for ourselves – as you can see, common sense lost again).

I look at the mirror that is on the wardrobe or door or something, and I notice I have a scar on my face. I decide to cover it up with makeup, so first I need to get to the lavatory and wash my face. Of course, keeping in mind the class of the plane we’re on, the lavatory is huge (for some reason not luxurious though – bigger is better?). So after my face is clean I go out, but as soon as I do that… now hold on to whatever it is you’re sitting on… my salwar decides to vanish (yes I’m wearing salwar kameez). Now I use the word salwar to save myself from the embarrassment of those of you who don’t know what it is :P. However I still have my kameez on so it’s pretty much covered. But I still need to find a salwar because even if I manage to avoid the attention of the people sitting on the normal seats on the plane, our room has now got some more people; for some reason a cousin of mine (who I haven’t seen, let alone thought about, in ages) shows up, along with this other person I don’t identify. There are two salwars hanging in the washroom. I try one on, the foot doesn’t go through. And then I wake up.

I think it’s best not to try to interpret this dream…