When I look around me today I see materialistic, vain, corrupted, ignorant and selfish people. I see it more than I saw it in my childhood and I see it closer than I saw it before. I see misinformed, prejudiced, narcissistic and weak people all craving for attention because they can’t depend on themselves. I see it and it scares me. It’s everywhere. I’m witnessing a change in the world and that change is not good. I pray God saves me as well as those I care about from the darkness that is slowly but surely falling as a veil on our beautiful world.


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  1. I empathise with your post quite a lot; I got there some years ago. But what I also realised was that the misinformed, narcissistic, prejudiced and weak probably have sad stories in their life, and they seem to need the most compassion and forgiveness. It is not easy, mind you. I know what it is like fighting against the brick wall of misinformation and prejudice, what it is like attempting to rally the weak or even live with them, and I definitely know what it is like to work with the narcissistic. At the time I wanted to scream my head off and bitch about them like you would not believe, because you’re right– these are frikkin’ difficult people to deal with. But then I realised that I hadn’t walked a mile in their shoes, and I felt bad judging them. What had made them that way? Had they been bullied, abused, neglected, overlooked, etc.? Did they get that way from lack of the same opportunities and upbringing that I had had? In my household, education, travel and reading were seen as the key to an open mind and an open heart. Perhaps it wasn’t in their families. I also realised that if I looked closely at myself, I have a little bit of each of those traits too. I have a lot of traits, useful ones and not so nice ones; but I have my moments of weakness, my moments of prejudice, I am sometimes misinformed, and every human being with some pride in themselves is vulnerable to narcissism. Some people also hide behind these masks so they don’t have to expose their true selves. Yes, that’s weakness, but it’s also self-defence. Maybe they’d been ridiculed and teased in their childhood. These people taught me patience… are still teaching me patience. (And god almighty, they will probably teach me patience till I am in the grave.) That is one good thing, perhaps, that you can take from their presence in the world. 🙂 I’m sure there are more, but that’s the only one I can think of as I am not feeling particularly gracious today!! 🙂


    1. What you’re saying is right of course, but the people my post is directed towards is not at all from such backgrounds. These are highly educated people coming from “perfect” families. And the reason I’m so mad at them is because they’re brought up in Muslim families like me but doesn’t think at all like a Muslim person should think.

      I know that in Western societies often people who are like that have a heavy background, but in many cases in South Asia, it’s the opposite. You’ll see highly educated people from rich families looking down at everybody else who don’t worship education and career as they do…


      1. Ahhh I see! I understand now. Yes, it is very sad and very galling. I share your sentiments when it comes to that kind of behaviour– disdain for those with fewer opportunities, status-consciousness and class consciousness. I believe that on all levels power comes with responsibility, so privilege should come with some desire to serve. I am idealistic, of course, as you are. I believe that if you have managed to rise through life, it is because you were born in the right place at the right time, you had the right opportunities and the right chances and connections, you had access to the resources you needed to develop, learn, earn and shine. At the VERY LEAST, you do not have the right to look down on ANYONE. At the very best, you have… well, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation type thing going. 🙂


  2. ^^ Mind you, I am not saying that personal effort and aptitude do not have some place in it, but all you need to do is look at a slum in any country and think, “there but for the grace of god go I.” Two children, of equal talent and intelligence, are born. One in a favela and one in, let’s say, to a billionaire couple, just for the contrast. Who would say they have an equal chance? How much of that already has to do with luck and fate? It’s for that reason that I do agree with you.


    1. Yeah… although this discussion has become much broader… what urged me to write this post was the Facebook posts of some of my friends… where everything is basically about looks and how they, who by the way haven’t achieved anything or done anything to help the less fortunate, love themselves and anybody who hates them are losers etc. I was just shocked by how tied they are to this earthly lifestyle and how unaware they seem to be of what life really is about. How there is nothing in their lives or behavior that shows that they actually give a damn about people who might need their help.


      1. I’ve seen young people start out selfish but find their calling and their hearts later. I do despair about the values they are being taught, though, right off the bat. I was raised in an essentially Buddhist family, so placing so much emphasis on these values is quite alien to me.


        1. You know that’s exactly what I’m hoping and waiting for; that eventually they will find their calling… at least so much that they start caring about the world around them. I keep thinking of ways to inspire them but they don’t want to listen.


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